We are a growing commercial/industrial construction company, which has diversified from residential builds. Located in Kulpmont, PA, we are currently providing services in nine surrounding states. We offer competitive compensation and a benefit package including health and dental insurance, 401k retirement program and more.

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General Laborer

General laborers play a huge role on any construction jobsite. These positions work within a team environment but are often assigned projects which requires working independently.

Take pride in working alongside other respected construction laborers to provide top-quality construction services in commercial and industrial settings. Great opportunity to develop your skills and learn the newest construction techniques while in a fast-paced environment. We need experienced and responsible construction laborers like you to join our crew. We want to offer you competitive pay, a generous benefits package, and opportunities for advancement. This is a terrific opportunity to collaborate with some of the hardest-working professionals in the industry.


• Valid driver’s license

• Ability to travel out of town during the week or on weekends

• Ability to lift heavy equipment

• Physical stamina


Carpenters should have strong attention-to-detail, problem-solving skills and mathematical abilities. Other skills include reading and following blueprints; accurately measuring and cutting materials; ensuring all work is level and square; experience in using a variety of tools and electrical tools; having physical strength; and using proper safety precautions.


• Follow direction and work well within both independent and crew settings

• Represent the company well at all times

• Complete Quality work within a specified timeline


   Possesses a basic understanding or rough carpentry and/or finish carpentry

•  1-2 years carpentry experience in field or in a technical school setting

Site Supervisor

The site supervisor works with the site superintendent on construction projects at he job site, holding daily toolbox meetings with employees, reminding them of safety protocols and resolving problems and conflicts that may arise. They coordinate with site superintendents to ensure progress is happening on schedule.

The site supervisor candidate is a reliable, hard-working person with a background in the trades. He or she should be able to read and interpret plans, as well as practice active listening and stress management. The candidate should also understand regulatory framework well, including the latest OSHA, building and environmental codes. Strong organizational, communication and interpersonal skills, as well as providing oversight of staff, finances and equipment are needed for success in the position.

The site supervisor position is ideal for new advancement opportunities and the chance to travel while backed by a company that values you and the trajectory of your career. The site supervisor position calls for you to oversee and supervise our projects and crews as they complete a wide range of commercial and industrial construction projects. Our company strives to provide you with support and plenty of learning opportunities. We encourage the candidate to be ambitious, and present ideas to promote growth within our company.


• Oversee, schedule, and arrange crew work on a daily basis, cooperating with other team members, as necessary.

• Review all project activities, work equipment and sites every day to make sure everything is performed to company standards as well as to the latest OSHA regulations and standards.

• Locate, calculate, and designate jobsite locations as well as equipment and jobsite structure locations as needed.

• Work with other necessary personnel and supervisors to ensure all site and crew activities are coordinated.

• Delegate jobs to crew members as determined by their capabilities and the general requirements of specific work projects and site parameters.

• Meet with other managers/supervisors and necessary personnel as required to fully resolve conflicts, complications, and other issues according to company and client standards/requirements.

• Train new crew members whenever they join the team and provide workers with continuing education according to the latest industry requirements for all work to meet the most current specifications.

• All duties as assigned.

Qualifications (required)

• Experience in supervisory/foreman position

• Able to give direction and make decisions related to finances, the company’s reputation, and crewmembers

• Able to read blueprints

• Ability to work in high-stress conditions and quickly changing environments

• Able to stand and walk for long periods of time

• Physical stamina


• High school diploma or its equivalent


Roofers build and maintain roofs. They install materials, such as tiles, wood shingles, cement, rubber and clay, and repair damaged parts to ensure safety. They may specialize in residential or commercial/industrial roofing.

Roofer’s construct and fix roofs using hand tools and other equipment (e.g., scaffolds). They ensure roofs are stable and waterproof. They also install insulation systems, vapor barriers, and ensure roofing projects are delivered on time.

Depending on the scope and location of the project, roofers can either hold a roofing apprenticeship or a relevant license or be an individual contractor (subcontractor). Some also learn the job onsite with appropriate training from specialists. Roofing job responsibilities may include knowledge of materials and tactics required for roof work. The position also requires stamina and balance as roofers often work at heights while operating various machinery and equipment. Roofers are also detail-oriented, with the ability to multitask.

Roofers construct safe and durable roofs and fix damaged parts such as, broken shingles. You will install all materials in good order and set up systems, such as insulation and vapor barriers. To succeed in this role, you should have the ability to use hand tools, such as shingle cutters and roofing hatchets, and stand on ladders and scaffolds for long periods at a time. You will also know how to handle materials (e.g., wood, asphalt) for different roofing styles and tasks.


• Build roofs using various materials and tools

• Deliver projects within timeline

• Inspect damages and estimate costs of labor

• Repair or replace broken materials

• Remove debris from roofs to place materials

• Smoothen roof surfaces and fill in edges with cement

• Ensure roofs protect buildings from weather conditions, such as rain or snow

• Use hand tools and other equipment (e.g., scaffold, ladder)

• Follow safety rules

• Set up vapor barriers and vents

• Install insulation and solar energy systems

• Restock roofing materials, such as clay and cement

• All duties as assigned.

Qualifications (required)

• Experience as a roofer or a similar role in construction

• Experience using various hand tools and equipment, such as scaffolds, taking safety rules into consideration

• Ability to work at heights

• Good balance and physical stamina


• Outstanding time management skills

• An apprenticeship or license in roofing or relevant field is a plus but not required

Roofing Supervisor

The goal of a roofing supervisor is to support the timely and cost-effective completion of roofing projects by determining materials and supplies needed through technical details and schedules; managing the orders for materials and equipment to meet project requirements; and coordinating the delivery of supplies according to priorities and specifications.

The skilled roof mg supervisor will facilitate the smooth completion of roof removal and roof replacement projects. Knowledge of various roofing materials should include synthetic shingles, rubber, slate, standing seam metal, cedar shake shingles and asphalt shingles.

You will ensure that every construction site or job has an adequate and timely flow of materials and equipment. The roofing supervisor must be a well-organized individual able to multitask. You should possess great communication skills and ability to solve problems. Experience in construction management will be very useful as will knowledge of basic purchasing and technical principles.


• Determine supply needs through technical details and schedules

• Manage the orders of material and equipment to meet roofing requirements

• Coordinate the delivery of supplies according to priorities and specifications

• Resolve problems to speed up delivery of orders

• Inspect orders upon arrival to ensure the correct quality and quantity

• Monitor inventory of supplies for different jobs or sites

• Place orders when needed aiming for timely delivery and competitive price

• Arrange the movement of material between locations

• Maintain good relationships with suppliers and vendors

• Keep accurate records

• All duties as assigned

Qualifications (required)

• Proven experience as a roofer

• Experience in roofing removal and replacement

• Ability to understand technical specifications of material and equipment

• Excellent communication

• Well-organized with multitasking abilities

• Apt in problem-solving

• Management skills

• Physical stamina


• High school diploma or its equivalent

CDL Driver

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) – CDL drivers transport items (including large machinery) from location to location, which might be a short distance or to different states. It typically requires long hours of driving large vehicles on the road. Our construction company utilizes drivers to ship equipment, machinery, and materials to project jobsites.

As the CDL driver you are responsible for loading equipment, materials, and machinery, using navigation tools to arrive at the right address and delivering parcels to the correct address in a safe and timely manner, which adheres to the work schedule.

CDL drivers have attended a professional driving school and have earned a commercial driver’s license (CDL). The skills required vary from project to project, but strong organizational and problem-solving skills are a plus as well as physical stamina.


• Determine supply needs through technical plans and work schedules

• Follows the best practices for safety, while on the road and when loading or unloading a truck/vehicle

• Performs basic truck/vehicle maintenance

• Manages orders of material and equipment to meet project requirements

• Coordinate supply deliveries based on priorities and project specifications

• Resolve issues to ensure timely delivery of equipment and materials

• Inspect orders upon arrival to ensure quality and quantity

• Plan and map out the transportation of materials and equipment between locations

• Maintain good relationships with suppliers, vendors, and team members

• Keep accurate records

Qualifications (required)

• A valid commercial driver’s license and a driving record clear of major violations

• Understanding of technical specifications for transporting material and equipment

• Excellent tracking and directional skills

• Well-organized with the ability to multi-task

• Strong problem-solving skills

• High school diploma or equivalent (GED) is preferred

• Physical stamina


• 2 – 3 years’ experience

Project Manager

As a project manager, you will be charged with seeing a project through from beginning to end in a fast-paced environment. You will collaborate with clients, company leadership and team members to bring about high-quality, well-crafted structures or renovations.

Project managers are responsible for estimates, maintaining budgets, materials management, project scheduling, crew relations, communicating with clients, engineers, architects, and company leadership, keeping the project on schedule, problem-solving, promoting safety initiatives, and fostering professional relationships.

Our project manager will have a solid understanding of all areas involved in construction, be able to read blueprints, and be a firm leader. Business skills are a plus including analytical thought processing, time management, and financial reporting.

We are a growing commercial/industrial construction company, which has diversified from residential builds. Located in Kulpmont, PA, we are currently providing services in nine surrounding states. We offer compensation based on experience and a benefit package including health and dental insurance, 40 lk retirement program and more.


• Direct and manage construction projects from conception to completion while ensuring compliance with safety and building codes.

• Monitor subcontractors and the construction crew for job execution.

• Prepare reports based on job status, daily progress, estimates, and materials management.

• Provide input for project bids, contracts, and work scheduling.

• Monitor daily progress on projects to ensure quality construction standards are being meet and project remains within budget.

• Communicate with clients to provide project updates including change orders, budget adjustments, material delays or change in vendors.

• Supervise construction projects to ensure they are completed on time and exceed the customer’s expectations.

Qualificiations (required)

• 3-5 years’ construction experience

• Excellent organizational, planning, and time management skills

• Strong management and delegation capabilities

• Financial reporting knowledge

• Physical stamina


• Bachelor’s degree in construction, business management or equivalent

• Bachelor’s degree in building science or civil engineering

Executive Assistant

Executive assistants perform common clerical and administrative tasks, such as compiling and editing documents, answering phones, setting up appointments and scheduling meetings for executive management.

Executive assistants must handle confidential information and keep sensitive details to themselves while multitasking. Solid writing, proofreading, people, and organizational skills are necessary.

One of the main goals of our company is to keep our team of hardworking professionals organized and motivated. The executive assistant is personable, enthusiastic, flexible, and committed to working hard. You will work together with the CEO and CCO to organize, improve and implement filing systems, internal processes, and client databases. You will have the exciting opportunity to foster team growth as we work to meet our annual goals. You will also be challenged by the high-energy environment where you will be a key player in promoting our brand.


• Offer administrative support as needed, including (but not limited to) managing calendars, scheduling meetings, answering phones, and taking detailed messages for the company’s leadership team.

• Facilitate inter-departmental communication by being a liaison between leadership and employees.

• Greet clients promptly and take care of their needs in a friendly and professional manner while they wait for scheduled meetings to begin.

• Arrange traveling details for leadership for projects requiring overnight stays.

• Assist with filing personnel records and documentation, checking credentials and ensuring validation of trade licenses and certifications for employment, and conducting background checks.

• Organize and file digital and physical documents, including client files, design blueprints, photo library and various reports.

• Follow up with clients and potential clients on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis as dictated by management to ensure that their needs are being met and to build a professional relationship.

• All duties as assigned.

Qualifications (required)

• Strong knowledge of word processing and Microsoft Office software, filing systems and general office procedures

• Verbal and written communication skills

• Well-developed interpersonal skills and knowledge of customer service principles

• Accuracy and attention to details

• High school diploma or equivalent


• Associate’s degree is a plus

• Previous administrative experience

Mason/Concrete Finisher

Our company is looking for people who take pride in their work and aim to produce quality materials through their masonry skills. We have several masonry positions to fill within our commercial construction company.


• See the concrete finishing process through from start to finish

• Assist lead masons on larger projects

• Represent company well in front of clients, vendors, and the public

• Follow instruction from lead masons and be willing to learn


• Ability to lay block, brick, and various types of stone, etc.

• Possess a basic understanding of masonry and concrete process

• Knowledge of handheld and power tools

• 1-2 years as a concrete laborer or mason in field or in a technical school setting

• Must be physically fit and able

H & P Construction Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer